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Frequently asked questions (Terms of Use at the bottom):

Q: What do I do during a Tornado Warning or Watch?!

A: Environment Canada has a website for this: – As well, stay tuned to our page and we’ll do our best to track every storm in Ontario and let you know as soon as Environment Canada Watches or Warnings are issued for your area.
Q: I read the website about preparing and I am still scared!

A: Please don’t be afraid. The more you know about a situation, the better chance you have to be prepared and the less scary it becomes. We’ll also do our best to answer your questions and walk you through the severe event until the watches and warnings have ended. =)
Q: What is the difference between a Watch and a Warning?

A: A Watch means there is potential for Severe weather or Tornadoes in the near future. A Warning means TAKE SHELTER NOW as weather moves quickly and by the time you receive the Warning, the storm or Tornado could be in your area and you may only have seconds or minutes to react.
Q: Why does Ontario Tornado Watch post about Severe Thunderstorm Warnings/Watches? I thought this was a page about Tornadoes?

A: Severe Thunderstorms have the ability to produce Tornadoes. Most Tornado Warnings begin as a Severe Thunderstorm Watch, then a Warning, then a Tornado Warning. It is just as important to take shelter during a Severe Thunderstorm Warning as it is during a Tornado Warning. Sometimes a Tornado can touchdown before Environment Canada can issue a Warning in time. Please take any Watches or Warning seriously from Environment Canada. They do not issue them lightly.
Q: Who is Ontario Tornado Watch?

A: Ontario Tornado Watch is made up of several Meteorologists, CANWARN trained storm spotters and highly trained, experienced storm chasers.
Q: Are you a Government organization or part of Environment Canada?

A: We are an independent group of passionate weather enthusiasts that want to help raise awareness about the real potential threat of Tornadoes and severe weather in the Province of Ontario. We are not a division of Environment Canada but we do post many of their Watches and Warnings as they are the authority on the matter. Many times in the past we have spotted a potential Tornado on radar or in the field and have brought this to their attention. In most cases, they issue a Watch or Warning with the information that we or our community of weather enthusiasts have provided them.
Q: Is there a page for Northern Ontario?

A: Yes! Please visit or our website:
Q: How can you forecast so far in advance compared to other weather sources?

A: We don’t only use Environment Canada’s forecasts, we also use many forecasting tools from the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) in Norman, Oklahoma. The SPC is authority on Tornado forecasting as the US has an average of 1,000 Tornadoes per year. When they issue a potentially severe day reaching into Canada, we have no problem bringing this to your attention ahead of time. A lot of other media and weather agencies seem to wait until the day before or the day of to issue these forecasts to the public due to their own agendas. Not us. We’ll let you know if there is any potential for a very severe weather event as many days in advance as possible with the help of the very accurate and proven tools of the SPC. We also compare these forecasts to Environment Canada’s and provide you with all the available information at our disposal. This will hopefully give you enough time to adjust your plans so that you’re not travelling on a day where there is potential Tornadoes. We hope instead, you’ll be prepared to spend a day in the basement playing games or watching movies with your friends and family.
Q: Can I help Ontario Tornado Watch?

A: Yes of course! If you see any threatening weather, please post it on our wall or message us directly! We need everyone in the community to help with severe weather reports as radar can only show us part of the picture. As well, power outages can potentially disable our ability or Environment Canada’s ability to issue Watches or Warnings in time. If this is ever the case, Facebook will stand tall and everyone has the ability to use their phones to post on this page. This will definitely help get the message out during a potential Tornado Outbreak when many of us will be without power.
Q: Can I post my photos or videos?

A: Yes! If you record video or take a photo, we encourage you to post it or send it directly to us as it will help us analyze the storm in your area and could potentially shed light on the legitimate danger of the situation.
Q: How do I post a photo?

A: Click on the camera looking button when you post on our page and add the photo from your computer or smart phone.
Q: How do I post a video?

A: Posting a video is done the same way as posting a photo. When you select the camera button, you just choose the video instead of a photo.
Q: I still don’t understand how to post a video/photo???

A: Message us directly and we’ll gladly walk you through the steps. =)
Q: When I asked “can I help”, I meant I am a passionate weather enthusiast who is an experienced storm chaser, CANWARN trained storm spotter or have a degree in Meteorology and I’d like to help track these storms and post about them. Is this possible?

A: We are always on the lookout for passionate admins for Ontario Tornado Watch. Please send us an email at telling us about your self and your history in weather and I’m sure we can find a way for you to help us keep the Province of Ontario safe!
Q: Are you on Twitter?

A: Yes @OntarioTornado
Q: Are you on Instagram?

A: Yes! Ontario Tornado Watch or ontariotornado.
Q: Are you on the 50 other social media sites?

A: We’ll get there. For now Facebook is head-quarters. =)
Q: Your question list does not contain my question. Is my question not a frequently asked question? Am I that unique?

A: Yes, you are unique and special. This is a good thing! We are willing to answer any questions you may have so please contact us directly on Facebook or by email at
Thank you from all of us here at Ontario Tornado Watch and please share this page with your friends and family! This will help us keep everyone informed and continue to raise awareness about the real potential threat of Tornadoes in Ontario.

We ask please that no one storm chases without the assistance of a professional Meteorologist, and even then, after the Vortex tragedy in 2013 when Tim Samaras, Carl Young and Tim’s son Paul lost their lives in El Reno, Oklahoma, even professionals take a huge risk with their lives and all the responsibility of their actions.

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