List of all reported & documented Tornadoes in Saskatchewan:



  • July 5Environment Canada confirmed 6 tornadoes touched down in central Saskatchewan, giving ratings to two. An EF2 touched down 20 km north of Outlook, and caused extensive damage to farm buildings and trees. An EF0 was also confirmed in Kenaston, knocking over tombstones in a cemetery and damaging trees. The 4 other tornadoes were not rated and were only on the ground for a brief period. They happened northwest and southwest of Kenaston, and the last two were observed 15 km north of Davidson, both being on the ground simultaneously.


  • June 2Environment Canada confirmed that a tornado touched down briefly near Maple Creek, Saskatchewan. No rating was given for the tornado, and no damage or injuries were reported.
  • June 10, An unconfirmed tornado touched down southeast of Yorkton, Saskatchewan near the town of Saltcoats. Multiple photos and video of the tornado were uploaded on social media websites. It is unknown if it did any damage.
  • June 23, An unconfirmed tornado was spotted briefly on the ground near Spalding, Saskatchewan. No damage was reported.
  • July 4, A confirmed tornado touched down near Dollard, Saskatchewan, about 15 km west of Shaunavon. Trees were knocked over and some homes and businesses sustained damage. No injuries were reported.
  • July 13, Environment Canada confirmed 2 tornadoes struck southern Saskatchewan, near the communities of Minton and Redvers. No damage was reported.
  • July 15, As many as 7 tornadoes touched down in parts of Southern Saskatchewan after a severe line of thunderstorms swept through the province. Four tornadoes were confirmed by Environment Canada, two of them spotted close to the towns of Kronau and Gray. The other two confirmed were spotted west and southwest of Yorkton. The three unconfirmed tornadoes were reported north of Humboldt, near Rosthern, and near Hague. No damage or injuries were reported.



  • June 15, 8 tornadoes were confirmed in Saskatchewan near the communities of Plover Lake, Biggar and Wilkie. There were several reports of funnel clouds throughout the evening. No damage was reported.
  • June 26, 1 tornado was confirmed near the town of Caron, Saskatchewan and another was reported near HodgevilleEnvironment Canada received 500 reports of funnel clouds over a 36 hour period. Damage was limited to farmers fields and grain silos and no injuries were reported.
  • July 3, At least 3 tornadoes were confirmed in Saskatchewan. One touched down near the town of Davidson, and did heavy damage to a farm. The other 2 touched down southwest of Wynyard and southwest of Watrous. No injuries were reported.
  • July 18, Three confirmed tornadoes touched down in central parts of Saskatchewan. The twisters were reported east of Rose Valley, and at least 2 more were spotteed north and east of Wadena. No damage was reported. Some of these tornadoes were broadcast on live streaming video from tornadohunter.ca, by Canadian stormchaser Greg Johnson.
  • July 21, Photos show that 2 confirmed tornadoes touched down in Saskatchewan. This photo of a funnel cloud touching down was taken near Smeaton, Saskatchewan, where a house was destoyed, and a 72-year-old man inside escaped unharmed. It also knocked trees down and grain bins over. A second reported tornado touched down near Emma Lake, Saskatchewan, where many photos were uploaded to the social media site Twitter. There were no reports of damage.
  • July 24Environment Canada confirmed that 5 tornadoes touched down in Saskatchewan. All were east of Regina, near communities of BalgonieSoutheyFillmore, andGrenfellVideo shows one tornado slightly damaging a house. Other damage was reported to farm buildings. There was no official word on the strengths of the twisters.
  • August 2, An unconfirmed tornado touched down near Lake Diefenbaker, Saskatchewan, around the town of Elbow. A photo from Twitter was snapped of the tornado on the ground. No damage or injuries were reported.



  • June 2, A weak F0 tornado was spotted northwest of Shaunavon, Saskatchewan as severe thunderstorms hit the area. Saskatchewan RCMP reported damage to graineries in the area, and several power lines were toppled. Quarter-sized hail was also spotted with the weather system.
  • June 23, A possible tornado was sighted near Fox Valley, Saskatchewan, about 325 km southwest of Saskatoon. Damage was reported to a hardware store and some city roads. Power lines were also knocked down. Hail from nickel size to golf ball size were reported around the area.
  • July 18, Around 6pm, a tornado was reported about 15 km north of Big River, Saskatchewan. Multiple funnel clouds were also reported around the same time. The same storm system pelted the resort of Waskesiu with baseball to softball-sized hail causing major property damage around the townsite with shattered windows and damage to siding and roofs.



  • June 21, Two weak tornadoes touch down near Limerick and Avonlea in Saskatchewan.
  • June 24, A possible tornado touched down near Wilkie, Saskatchewan
  • June 25, A unconfirmed tornado touched down near Oxbow, Saskatchewan, damaging a farm.
  • July 2, An F3 tornado tore through the Kawacatoose Reserve near Raymore, Saskatchewan. Some homes on the reserve were demolished, with several others sustaining damage. It also leveled farmhouses and farms west of the town. It left a half-kilometre-wide path that was 45 kilometers long. No lives were lost, but some people received broken bones, cuts and bruises. It was stated that the tornado could have possibly been on the ground for an hour.
  • July 22, An unconfirmed tornado touched down just north of Regina, Saskatchewan. No damage was reported.
  • July 25, Two confirmed tornadoes were spotted near the town of Lanigan, Saskatchewan, southeast of Saskatoon. Two more tornadoes touched down near the town ofHumboldt, Saskatchewan. Most damage came from the golf-ball-sized hail associated with the storms, which destroyed several crops in the area.









  • August 24, Two tornadoes touch down near Unity and Yorkton, Saskatchewan.



  • May 23, A tornado touches down in and around Nipawin, Saskatchewan.
  • July 2, A tornado touched down about 25 km west of Estevan, Saskatchewan.



  • July 2, A tornado touches down on an area of Narrow Hills Provincial Park northwest of Nipawin, Saskatchewan. It destroyed several residential trailers, turned over a tractor-trailer unit, and caused a number of injuries; the storm also dropped baseball-sized hail that is typical of tornado-producing thunderstorms in the Prairies.



  • May 18, Three tornadoes touch down close to the western limits of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The supercell associated with the tornadoes pelted the city with quarter-sized hail, wind gusts of nearly 100 km/hr, and over 50mm of rain in 30 minutes.



  • July 4, An estimated nine tornadoes touch down in the SaskatoonMaymont and Osler areas in Saskatchewan. An F3 was measured in the Maymont area destroying power lines. Homes and property were damaged in the Osler area. Wind gusts in Saskatoon reached 120 km/h and 141 km/h damaging many trees and properties on the east end of the city.



  • August 29, Several farms were destroyed when a tornado lasting a couple of minutes affected Spring Valley, near Moose Jaw in Saskatchewan.





  • June 19, Eight tornadoes touch down over central Saskatchewan, with winds gusting up to 130 km/h. Hail shredded crops near Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan.



  • June 1, Three tornadoes touched down in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. There was no official ratings given for the tornadoes, although some damage indicated F3 strength winds. Roofs were thrown off houses and a warehouse was destroyed. No one was injured, and damage was estimated at over 1 million dollars.
  • July 29, Four tornadoes touched down in Central Saskatchewan, causing minimal damage.





  • July 10, A tornado stuck the town of Glasnevin, Saskatchewan, killing one person.
  • August 8, A tornado touched down in Regina, Saskatchewan, causing damage in the northwest end of the city. Two tornadoes were spotted that day, with one reaching F2 status, but is unconfirmed.







  • June 29, A large tornado touched down near Spy Hill, Saskatchewan, 260 kilometers northwest of Regina, destroying multiple houses and damaging property. One man was killed when he was sucked out of his house. The tornado traveled 4 miles, and left a mile-wide path of destruction.



  • April 16, A tornado at Watrous, Saskatchewan destroys a large barn and scatters pigs up to 5 km from the barn.





  • July 1, Two tornadoes strike Lebret, Saskatchewan killing four people.
  • August 9, Three tornadoes hit Kamsack, Saskatchewan including one F4, wrecking seventy-five percent of homes and one hundred businesses. It killed three people.





  • June 18, A tornado picked up a house in Elfros, Saskatchewan, killing 1 person. The damage path lasted for 11 kilometers.





  • July 22, A strong tornado listed as an F3 in strength, passes through rural Southeastern Saskatchewan, killing 4, and injuring 13 others. The Canadian Red Crossprovided relief on behalf of the government to 42 affected families in AlamedaFrobisherLampmanSteelman, and Estevan.



  • June 30, Canada’s deadliest twister hits Regina, Saskatchewan. Known as the Regina Cyclone, it was an F4 tornado that devastated the city. 28 people were killed and more than 300 injured. The total cost of damage was estimated to be around $4.5 million.



  • July 16, An F3 tornado strikes near the settlement of Golden Valley, Saskatchewan, injuring 4.


All information courtesy of Environment Canada and other reliable sources. More detail and links are available via Wikipedia.


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